How does it work?

Start by signing up to a 30day trial, This can be a trial of the backup service or just the simple cloud storage. We can also do trials on hosted exchange however the length of the trial depends on the date the trial begins

How do i select which service i want to use?

simply sign up and activate your account, if you want the backup service then intall the client software on the machine to be backed up the rest will happen automatically. as a default drive c is backed up not including system files as we dont want to take up valuble space, extra specific folders/drives can be set by written request via email. if you just want the cloud storage you will get a 1gb account for the trial and when your happy you can purchase one of our higher packages.

its asking for a username and password?

these details will be emailed to you after you have activated your account and the account has been created.(be sure to use the right ones for the right service)

I'v Installed the backup client but nothing happends?

The backup client is designed to sit silently in the background, you will need to log into the manage my service section to see the web application you can force a backup to start or restore files from there. Please see the guides here for forcing a backup and here for restoring files.

I dont understand and need remote support?

please contact us via 01452 346 888 ,skype, or email us with your contact details and we will return your call as soon as an operative is available.